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Hello! I'm Yasmina, a Confidence and Life Coach. I am a lover of life, a hater of the comfort zone and on a mission to help you believe in yourself and build your confidence so that you can unlock your potential; achieving happiness and success on your terms. I have extensive professional training and bundles of real life experience. I love nothing more than helping my clients to feel more confident and go after what they really want.  


Some quick facts about me:

  • I am a fully insured and qualified Transformational Coach,
    with additional qualifications in Confidence Coaching, 
    and NLP.

  • I'm a Londoner born and raised, with mixed North African, 
    Caribbean and English heritage.

  • I was in leadership positions in my 20s, despite leaving school with no qualifications.

  • I love to travel and have visited all seven continents.

  • I was part of a world record breaking attempt for the 
    most people hula hooping simultaneously.

  • I don't like cheese and have never had a coffee!

I left school with no qualifications following a chronic illness. Since then I have achieved a first class masters, a successful career and many personal achievements. I have always been ambitious and a high achiever but I reached a point in my career when I realised I wanted more from life.


By 2015, I had reached a senior level, managing a multi-million pound budget and a large team. Despite my sense of achievement, I felt completely unfulfilled. This kick-started a process which saw me defining my own best life. I love travelling and adventures! My favourite experiences include kayaking in the Pacific at midnight in complete darkness, an incredible cruise to Antarctica and parading in front of c90,000 people at the Rio Carnival! 

I coach women who want more from life and help in a number of areas, including building confidence and self-belief, creating clarity and turning dreams into tangible goals with actions and accountability. In my experience; as women, we often downplay our strengths and achievements but not on my watch! I am all about self-celebration and using our strengths to our advantage. I'm also passionate about beliefs and the impact they have on our lives. Whatever you believe becomes your reality and I help my clients uncover their limiting beliefs and instil new, powerful ones that get them to where they want to be.


I also work with professionals to be more effective at work, in areas including people management and to overcome challenges, such as imposter syndrome. 

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