Speaking and workshops

I speak at events and facilitate workshops on a range of topics, from leadership to confidence and self belief. 

I am also an #IamRemarkable facilitator. #IamRemarkable is a Google initiative aimed at Women and Underrepresented Groups, to encourage positive self-promotion in the workplace. 

Please contact me to discuss your needs.


I came to Yasmina's workshop as I felt the need for some motivation and positive energy. Before attending the workshop, I had been feeling that I had reached a very low point in my career having experienced personal issues which subsequently affected my career path and how fast I was achieving my personal goals. 

The workshop felt like a safe space. Somewhere where communication and trust was practiced and encouraged, as well as so much laughter and love. Everyone was in the same situation, be it professionally or personally speaking and it felt good not to feel alone. I felt quite sad to say goodbye to the group.


Yasmina's energy, positivity and genuine passion was alive for all to see. For quite some time afterwards, the words she spoke, the way in which she spoke them, the motivation, passion and belief really stayed with me. I'd go to another workshop run by Yasmina in a heartbeat.

Lydia, workshop participant

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