Feel more empowered and confident at work

4 weeks to smash imposter syndrome, recognise your strengths and feel more empowered at work

So you're successful in your career but you don't think you deserve it. Maybe your achievements are down to good luck. Either way, at any moment everyone could find out that you're really a big fraud. Sound familiar?


This programme is for women and under-represented professionals who are experiencing:


  • Low confidence and self belief

  • Negative self perception

  • An inability to recognise your own strengths

  • Difficulty speaking up in meetings

  • Working long hours to prove yourself

  • Avoiding development opportunities


This group programme will address your challenges and help you to feel more confident and empowered at work, enabling you to go for that promotion, feel comfortable in your own skin and have the impact you really want to; all in a supportive group environment.

Starting on 24 June 2019, the programme includes:


  • 2x 30 minute 1-1 calls

  • Weekly video tutorials

  • Weekly group coaching call

  • Private online group

The programme is all online and you can participate from any location.

Group coaching calls:

Saturday 29 June at 10am

Saturday 6 July at 10am

Saturday 13 July at 10am

Saturday 20 July at 10am


(replays available if you cannot join live)

Only £249

Usually £499

Starts 24 June 2019

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