Bungee jump into your best life!

Have your personal life and fun taken a back seat to your business?


Do you want to feel happier and experience more excitement and adventure?


Are you stuck in your comfort zone, aware that you need to get out, but avoiding it?


Would you like to create new habits to result in a healthier, happier more confident you?




Then this 30 day Bungee Jump Into Your Best Life Kickstart is for you!

We will get off to a flying start with a bungee jump in London on 1 September 2019. Over the remaining 29 days, you will be supported to do something new or different in your business or personal life every single day. Whether you want to have more fun, adopt healthier habits, be more visible in your business, or work towards any other goal - this is for you.

Forget New Year's Resolutions - September is the best time to set goals, start the last quarter of the year on a high and go into the next one on fire!

What's included?


  • 2x 1-1 calls to set and review programme goals

  • 1x bungee jump on 1 September 2019, in London

  • Encouragement before the jump, as needed

  • Group lunch after your bungee jump

  • 30 days of accountability and support via private Facebook or Whatsapp group

  • Weekly group calls

  • List of 100+ microsteps and ideas to do during the 30 days

About me


I’m Yasmina Hedhli, a Comfort Zone Hater and NLP Practitioner, with qualifications in Transformational Coaching, Positive Psychology and Leadership. I support professionals to feel more empowered at work and to make their personal lives and goals a priority.


Having built a successful career in my 20s, I realised my life was all about work and I was seriously bored, boring and unfulfilled. I left my comfort zone and embarked on a journey of self-discovery, visiting all 7 continents in a 12 month period. Since then I have performed in the Rio carnival, skydived in beautiful locations, bungee jumped, polar plunged and so much more! It all started with a 5 day solo trip, which was terrifying at the time but stepping out of my comfort zone truly changed my life!

Only £249

Usually £499

Starts 24 June 2019


Why leave the comfort zone?

The comfort zone is not a place of growth or progression. Stepping out of it puts us in the zone of optimal anxiety, which is where we reach our peak performance. Leaving the comfort zone also boosts confidence and can lead to fun, personal growth and positive new experiences.

Why bungee jumping?

Because it is scary and for most people, a massive challenge! I don't know whether you will love it or hate it but what I'm pretty sure of, is that afterwards you will have an amazing sense of achievement, a surge of confidence and more than a hint of invincibility that you can apply to your personal life or business post-jump.

What happens after the jump?

We will have a group lunch, pumped with adrenaline and get ready for the amazing month ahead. By then you will know what changes you will implement on each of the 29 days. It might be a case of small consistent microsteps that you take each day or it could include big moves, way scarier than a bungee jump! What you work on is up to you and you will be supported the entire time.

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